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Select a Specific Size Range:
All 1~46~810~1416~1820~2426~2830~3436~3840~4446~4850+

OD x WALL: 20~24
20 X 0.500DSAW, FBE OD/Red ID, DRL
22 X 0.500ERW, FBE, ARO, DRL, Bev
22 X 1.00 SAWL, X-80, Bev, Black Lac, Rg. 3MTRs Available
22 X 1.250DSAW, X-80, Black Lac, DRL, Bev
22 X 1.500DSAW, X-80M, Black Lac, DRL
24 X 0.375ERW, X-52, Bare, DRL
24 X 0.625DSAW, 1 MW, Bare, Black Lac, DRL
22" X 0.750"X-60, Beveled, Black Lacquer, DRLs,
24" X 1.00"Bare, Black Lac, SRL
20" X 0.812" X-80, Bev, Black Lac
20" X 0.375"ERW, X-56, Bev, FBE/Bare
21" X 0.812" DSAW, X-65, Bare, R-3
21" X 0.875" DSAW, X-65, Bev, Bare/FBE, R-2/R-3
24" X 1.219"X65, DSAW, FBE, DRLs