steel pipe

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All 1~46~810~1416~1820~2426~2830~3436~3840~4446~4850+

OD x WALL: 1~4
2 3/8 X 0.190#4.7, Rg. 2, Tubing, T&C
2 7/8 X 0.230#6.7, Rg. 2, Tubing, T&C
4.5 X 0.337ERW, X-52, Bare, BevNew Surplus
OD x WALL: 6~8
6 5/8 X 0.280X-52, Smls, Black, DRL
OD x WALL: 20~24
20 X 0.500DSAW, FBE OD/Red ID, DRL
20 X 0.625ERW, X-56, Bare, Black Lac, DRL, Bev
22 X 0.500ERW, FBE, ARO, DRL, Bev
22 X 0.750DSAW, X-60, T&C, DRLNew Surplus
22 X 1.00 SAWL, X-80, Bev, Black Lac, Rg. 3MTRs Available
22 X 1.250DSAW, X-80, Black Lac, DRL, Bev
22 X 1.500DSAW, X-80M, Black Lac, DRL
24 X 0.375ERW, X-52, Bare, DRL
24 X 0.625DSAW, 1 MW, Bare, Black Lac, DRL
24 X 0.750 DSAW, X-60MO, Black Lac, Bev, New Surplus, DRLMTRs Available
24 X 1.149DSAW, X-65, FBE, DRLMTRs Available
24 X 1.222DSAW, X-65, FBE, DRLMTRs Available
24 X 1.222 DSAW, X-65, Bare, Black Lac, DRLMTRs Available
OD x WALL 26~28
28 X 0.750DSAW, X-52, Bare, Bev, DRL/SRL
28.5 X 1.500R&W, Bare, Bev
OD x WALL: 30~34
30 X 0.340DSAW, Bare, Torch Cut Ends#1 Used
30 X 1.00DASW, Black Lac, Bev, DRL
30 X 1.149DSAW, X-65, Bare, DRL
OD x WALL: 36~38
36 X 0.469 DSAW, X-56, FBE, DRL
36 X 0.500DSAW, X-56, FBE, DRL

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